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What if my order is damaged or wrong?

If your order was damaged please email us with in 24 hours of receiving your order with a photo of the damage, so we can correct it.

If you happened to receive the wrong order please email us.

Can I return or exchange my lacquer?

Returns/exchanges are generally not excepted. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, concerns, or issues

Should I allow my polish to rest after receiving it?

Yes! It doesn't matter the time of year! Please allow your lacquers to adjust to the temp in your home. Opening your lacquer when it's hot/cold from shipping can make it become thick or even break the bottle. We are not responsible for this.


Is settling glitter normal?

Yes! Glitter can and will settle in the bottles from shipping and just from sitting for awhile. Give them a good shake or roll between your hands.


What size are your bottles?


Do you offer mini bottles?

Not right now! Possibly in the future.

What is a pre order?

Sometimes the store will be in pre order mode. This means nothing sells out! No ninja fingers required! This also means orders will not start shipping till after the preorder ends! There will be a time line in the listings. For example if there is a week long preoder and you order the first day, you won't see any activity on your order. After the week long preorder ends, I will mix and fill orders. There will most likely be a 7 to 10  business day turn around FROM THE DAY THE PREODER ENDS! I just want to make it clear it does not matter that day during the sale you order, all orders will start shipping after the specified date.

Other things to remember

I try to take the most color accurate photos possible. Sometimes monitors display colors differently.


All lacquers are made in small batches by hand. There may be some variations between bottles.

Polish is an interesting medium to work with. Sometimes ingredients do strange things. While I do thoroughly test my products, it's impossible to replicate every storage situation. I recommend storing nail lacquer in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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